Donate to OHED

OHED is seeking trusted partners and equipment for offices, transport, and agricultural facilities. Between 2014 and 2017, we did not receive any support from national or international agencies. During those first three years, all needs were sorted out by our members. Now we’d like to accomplish even more and that will require contributions from many more supporters. Donations to OHED support our efforts to alleviate poverty in the South Kivu Province of the DR Congo. We greatly appreciate all donations no matter their amount.

Thank you!

By Bank Transfer Information:

The easiest way to make a financial donation to OHED is through direct bank transfer. Simply work with your bank to make the transfer using our bank information below: 

BANK NAME: Trust Merchant Bank (TMB)

NAME ON ACCOUNT: OHED (Organisation Humanitaire pour l’Education et le Développement)

BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 00017-22000-21102100001-26


BANK ADDRESS: Bukavu Branch, No. 133, Avenue Patrice Emery Lumumba, Ibanda Commune, Bukavu Town, South Kivu Province, Congo (DRC)

By Check:

You can also send your donation via check as long as it is written either in Congolese francs or U.S. dollars. If you are from another country, simply note your donation is in U.S. dollars next to the amount.

Make your check payable to: OHED or Organisation Humanitaire pour l’Education et le Développement

Send your check with your name and contact info to:

OHED Head Office
P.O. Box 232 Bukavu
South Kivu Province, Congo (DRC)

Thank you for your support!

For inquiries about donations - including planning deliveries of donated equipment, bicycles, books, and other resources - please contact Mr. Joseph Patience Mubake at +243824296617 or ohedong(at)