OHED relies on the support of our partners in the DR Congo and around the world. Thanks to all of you!


National NGOs:

  • UJS


Primary schools: Kahila, Esambo, Mabenga, Namukala, Lulimba, Lwiku, Faraja, Ngusu, Kayumba, Lubanda, Maindombe, Kakunga, Lumbwe, Katupu, Maimoto, Mboko and Baraka

Secondary Schools: Elumba, Mabenga, Lumbwe, Kayumba, Esumba, Nakiliza, Lulimba, Namukala, Ngusu, Kayumba, Maindombe, Upendo, Faraja, Mwanga, Tujikaze and Baraka

International NGOs:


Friendships based on donation of books:

  • Darien USA
  • Forced Migration
  • Nature Conservation 

(These three organizations provide OHED with books and magazines only).

OHED is seeking trusted partners and equipment for offices, transport, and agricultural facilities. Between 2014 and 2017, we did not receive any support from national or international agencies. During those first three years, all needs were sorted out by our members. Now we’d like to accomplish even more and that will require contributions from many more supporters. Donations to OHED support our efforts to alleviate poverty in the South Kivu Province of the DR Congo. We greatly appreciate all donations no matter their amount.

Thank you!